What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold Brewing coffee is a simple process that creates a full bodied smooth coffee with out any heat.  There are several methods to create cold brew, we use an immersion process with filtered alkaline water in a stainless steel brew and strain system.

We painstakingly select our beans after many attempts to find the best source, roast, and flavor profile for cold brew.  Not all beans will yield great flavor when cold brewed.

Why so slow?

Heating up coffee produces a lot of flavor very quickly.  It also releases the acidic volatile oils in coffee which create bitterness and give some people with sensitive stomach difficulties.

By creating coffee without heat, SloBru  is  smooth, not bitter, and is less acidic.  It is surprising for many new to cold brew how easy to drink it is without cream and sugar, and can be gentler on some peoples' digestion.  

It takes a lot longer to make, but the results are fantastic!

SloBru Premium Cold Brew Beans

Colombian - La Cabaña

This coffee is a shade grown micro lot  bean from a organic and environmentally certified single estate in the high altitude Sierra Madre region of Colombia.   The flavor notes are bold & sweet, light in acid, with a very clean finish.  An excellent cold brew bean!

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Veracruz - Decaf

Grown in the mountain regions of  Huatusco , Veracruz Mexico, this organic shade grown bean is decaffeinated with the natural swiss water process, without chemicals.  The flavor notes are complex and nutty with notes of black cherry a surprisingly sweet milk chocoalte.  A fantastic decaf!

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