What is Cold Brew Coffee?


Cold brewing is a simple process that creates a super smooth coffee without any heat.  We prefer a 24 hour immersion process in a stainless steel brew system, with filtered alkaline water in a concentration that is ready to drink without dilution.  We then double filter the grinds for a clean, refreshing, flavorful coffee.

24 hours for coffee?

Heating up coffee produces a lot of flavor very quickly.  It also releases the acidic volatile oils in coffee which create bitterness and give some people with sensitive stomach difficulties.

By creating coffee without heat, SloBru is smooth, flavorful, not bitter, and is less acidic.  It is surprising for many new to cold brew how easy to drink it is without cream and sugar, and can be gentler digestion.  

It takes a lot longer but you will taste the difference!

The bean is the star

 We painstakingly select our single origin beans after many many test batches to find the best tasting coffee for cold brew.  Not all coffees cold brew well, as there is nowhere to hide!  The bean flavor really comes to life (good or bad!).

SloBru Premium Cold Brew Beans

Colombian - La Cabaña


This coffee is a shade grown micro lot bean from a organic and environmentally certified single estate in the high altitude Sierra Madre region of Colombia.   

The flavor notes are bold & sweet, light in acid, with a very clean finish.  

An excellent cold brew bean!

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Veracruz - Decaf


Grown in the mountain regions of  Huatusco , Veracruz Mexico, this organic shade grown bean is decaffeinated with the natural swiss water process, without chemicals.  The flavor notes are complex and nutty with notes of black cherry a surprisingly sweet milk chocolate.  A fantastic decaf!

What are we about?

The world needs to know about GOOD craft cold brew!  This is a passion project.  A small family business dedicated to bringing people together with tasty coffee in a way you can feel good about.  We are making amazingly smooth & satisfying cold brew because we love it and want to share!

Using as many recycled and re-usable materials we can, only choosing environmentally certified coffees, and targeting local customers, we are striving to be a low impact company, while provide amazing flavor and quality cold brew.