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Small Batch Cold Brew


  • SloBru is handcrafted small batch cold-brew coffee.  Prepared in a permitted commercial kitchen, premium single origin coffee is  soaked in a commercial grade stainless steel brew system for 24 hours.  SloBru is an amazingly smooth and rich coffee.  Enjoy it hold or cold!
  • We only use freshly roasted and freshly ground premium single origin coffee.  After the long soak, the grounds are double filtered with a very fine micron stainless steel mesh filter.  The clean bru is kegged or bottled immediately, then  flushed with nitrogen to preserve freshness.

What is Cold Brew?


  • We are using a 24 hour immersion process.  Without heat, the bitter volatile acidic oils in coffee are never released.  This means a smoother, less bitter, and low acid coffee for you!  

  • FLAVOR IS PRIORITY - Coffee that is worth the wait.  Longer lower concentration cold brew is smooth, delicate, but full of flavor.  The body is not diluted like concentrates are, and the distinct flavor notes stand out.   By carefully selecting single origin beans that cold brew well, the personality and flavor profile of the region, farm, varietal, and climate comes to life.  Do a comparison with off the self cold brews and I know you will taste the quality difference of SloBru!

Coffee with a conscious! Ethically sourced & bottled


  • The Sloth is our spirit animal, and they are amazing creatures that reflect what we are all about!  Warm and fuzzy, always smiling, and love hugs.  Life is too short not to be happy!  And we are sourcing our coffee only from environmentally certified farms that are committed to practices that benefit the rain-forest  where these little guys live. (more info in link below)

  • MORE SUSTAINABLE - By creating a coffee service with a direct home & office delivery subscription, my vision is to be local, less wasteful, and fresh as possible.  I'm using glass milk bottles, reusable or 100% post consumer recycled labels, compostable pouches, and reusable kegs.  For subscription service more coffee per bottle means less consumables.   Glass milk bottles and stainless kegs are easy to wash, sanitize, and reuse.

More details on certifications Here

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SloBru Craft Coffee

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