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SloBru Craft Coffee

Premium Small Batch Cold Brew Coffee 

What are we about?

The world needs to know about GOOD craft cold brew!  This is a passion project.  A small family business dedicated to bringing people together with tasty coffee, and make it in a way you can feel good about.  We are making amazingly smooth & satisfying cold brew because we love it and want to share!

Using as many recycled and re-usable materials we can, only choosing environmentally certified coffees, and targeting local customers, we are striving to be a low impact company, while provide amazing flavor and quality cold brew. 

What is cold brew?

Elevate your day with amazing flavor

SloBru in a box!

Cold Brew in a box!  This surprisingly compact, this fits easily in your fridge with an easy pour spout.  5L is 1.32 gal or 21 - 8oz servings.  Great for any office, event, meeting, or party!    

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Subscritpion Home Delivery

Fresh  SloBru delivered in 32oz glass milk bottles every week to your home or office!

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Make SloBru at Home

The easiest way to make your own cold brew at home!  Just add water and time, and you'll have amazing craft coffee in your fridge, ready when you are.

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Nitro cold brew is the coolest offering in all of coffee-land.  We can help you set it up and get it going.   Contact us below!

What is Nitro Coffee?

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Want to try a sample?  Interested in putting SloBru in your store or cafe?  Just have a question? We love our customers and all comments & suggestions are encouraged.

SloBru Craft Coffee

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