SloBru Craft Coffee

Premium Small Batch Cold Brew

What is cold brewed coffee?

Life is too short for "meh"


SloBru in a box - Upgrade your day with great coffee!

This surprisingly compact 5L box fits easily in any fridge.  It provides 21 cups of coffee that will stay fresh in an air tight pouch with an easy to pour spout.  Great for any office, event, meeting, or party!

Always small batch, always fresh!  We only use freshly roasted beans that we grind immediately before brewing, and we brew every week.  Freshness is key to smooth flavorful coffee!

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Milkman Style Home delivery

The milkman of cold brew! (in real milk bottles).  Step up your coffee life every day.  You'll have fresh bottles of SloBru Craft Coffee on your doorstep every week.  Does it get any easier?

Quit anytime, no long term commitment required.

(Currently limited to local delivery in the West Los Angeles & Culver City, CA area.)


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SloBru Craft Coffee

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